Cross Connection 2 2017 Bengali Movie DTHRip 750MB x264

Cross Connection 2 2017 Bengali Movie

Cross Connection 2 2017 Bengali Movie DTHRip 750MB x264. Download Cross Connection 2 2017 Bengali Movie HD Free with Single Click High Speed Downloading Platform.

Cross Connection 2 2017 Bengali Movie DTHRip 750MB x264

Cross Connection 2 2017 Bengali Movie DTHRip 750MB x264
Movie: Cross Connection 2
Director: Abhijit Guha & Sudeshna Roy
Star Cast:Shayan Munshi,Ritwik Chakraborty,Rimjhim,Mitra,Tanusree,Chakraborty,Saswata Chatterjee,Sudeshna Roy
Music Director: Neel Dutt
Lyrics Writter: Prasen
Shooting Location: Kolkata (India)
Genre: Romantic-Comedy
Colour: CC
Country: India
Language: Bengali (Bangla)

Cross Connection 2 2017 Bengali Movie Download Link

Movie Overview

Prem kore dekh, jodi na poshay tahole case goopy kore kete porImon’s (Rimjhim) casual word of advice in Abhijit Guha and Sudeshna Roy’s movie sums up Cross Connection. An urban romantic comedy, the film makes for a breezy flick that stands out from the stereotypical offerings. In fact, the venture has its cute moments that also tickle the funnybone, but there is no storyline as such. It is the characters who keep the story flowing, with their witty lines and references, the situations they find themselves in and the way they interact with one another.
Cross Connection is about Imon and Akaash (Ritwick), who are in love and yet drift apart. Before they can patch up, in comes Vickram (Abir), a good-looking, ambitious, corporate guy. It all begins when Imon dials Vickram’s number by mistake (read cross-connection), but one can’t help wondering how that cross-connection occurs over and over again, when one dials a number which is fed into the mobile phone. Akaash, too, finds Piya (Payel) and plans to settle down with her. The four reunite in Mandarmoni, where the climax plays itself out.Ritwick is worth watching, turning in an intelligent performance, and Rimjhim, who looks as cute as a button, gives him good company. Abir needs to learn the tricks to a stellar performance. Payel gets minimum footage, and serves as eye candy in her skimpy attires. Saswata Chatterjee pulls off his role effortlessly.Of the many cameos in Cross Connection, the one that deserves special mention is that of Sudeshna Roy. Like her small screen ventures, where she makes an appearance herself, Sudeshna plays Imon’s mother convincingly. Biswajit Chakraborty, as Imon’s hard-of-hearing dad, is equally good. Abhijit Guha, too, appears in a blink-and-miss scene.There are six songs penned by Anjan Dutt, Anindya, Chandril, Sumit Samaddar and Srijit, all of which are composed by Neel Dutt. Padmanabha Dasgupta handles the script intelligently.Overall, Cross Connection is an enjoyable film, which scores high on the entertainment quotient. If a movie on the confusion of love is right up your street, with quite a few laughs along the way, don’t miss it!Check outSudip doing a Bapi Sen act. He appears when you least expect him to, and disappears just as suddenlyVickram, an employee himself who is yet to join his office, offers a job to Piya in Toronto. And all that in spite of the recession bluesChhanda Dutt in a cameo as Akaash’s landlady

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