Gurgaon (2017) Hindi Full Movie Watch Online for Free

Gurgaon (2017) Hindi Full Movie Watch Online for Free. Watch Online Gurgaon (2017) Hindi Full Movie HD Free with Single Click High Speed Downloading Platform.9XM.INFO

Gurgaon (2017) Hindi Full Movie Watch Online for Free

Movie Overview

Story of a family is intertwined with the city of Gurgaon. There is a rebel, in the house of ambition with a gory past and greedy present. As he gets in big trouble, so do people around him. What will be the outcome of the caos? What future has in store for this family? Written by Apar Singh

With a masterful control over the craft, Gurgaon is like a python, slowly tightening its grip on you. What at first feels soft and slow, is soon vicelike. Rarely does one see such taut control over the craft and yet a depth of storytelling that involves every aspect of the life in a city, in talking for it and of it.

The film talks of the fertility of it, the creation power of the city, and how it was robbed, it talks about what is to befall man if man sees land as a commodity and nothing else. IT talks of the villagers caught in the crossfire, the women, the children, the loyalists, the frauds, the sell outs, everyone caught in the crossfire till all that’s left behind is carcasses of people who once had a soul. Watched it twice, once in the theatre and once on netflix. Strongly recommend it.

The theme music, played in multiple instruments is beautiful and haunting, it’s still playing in my ears hours after seeing the film. Visually stunning, unsurprising of the director since he’s a cinematographer. But in being in such control of the film, he could have made a misstep visually, but no. It’s spot on in depicting the land, the fog, the desolate eerie roads, the dread, the concrete jungle overtaking the real one. And so many beautiful metaphors interwoven in audio and visual into a a tale of deceit and disloyalty, of birth and death and a warning to us, of what is to come if change isn’t brought about soon.

Gurgaon Film Details:

Starring – Akshay Oberoi, Pankaj Tripathi, Aamir Bashir
Director – Shanker Raman
Genre – Crime, Thriller
Movie Info –
Country – India
Language – Hindi